Snow golem factory holiday D&D Map
Winter holiday D&D maps and tokens

This is a winter map where some sort of machine is producing these magic snow golems (ok, they are snowmen!) Little bit of snow, little bit of magic, a whole lot of trouble. This map is free for download below with a small logo.

I also made a more sparsely populated map, as well as a snow machine map with no snow men. These maps are perfect to use my snowman tokens with (8 different types of snow man.)

Not digging the snowman vibe? Well I also have the scene with no snow machine, just your basic snowy winter map. As well as a similarly themed igloo map.

You may use this map for free in any of your online or offline games. Use the download below with and without grid. You may not sell or redistribute any of my maps.

Get weekly maps without the logo on Plans start at €3/month and you get new maps every week for personal use and 100s of archived maps.  Plus you get to feel good because you helped me to earn a living, and to keep making free maps for everyone. That makes you kinda awesome.

This map is on my Patreon with no logo mark but the Foundry VTT & Fantasy Grounds versions are no longer available to my Patrons. Patrons do save 50% off in my web shop and 30% off my maps on

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