Author: Angela


Flesh Dungeon

Descend into a nightmarish dungeon of pulsating flesh, writhing tentacles, bone, and unblinking eyeballs. This battle map immerses you in horror and the unknown. Survive the relentless terrors within, or become part of its grotesque...

Crumbling path high above an acid pool battle map for TTRPGs 0

Crumbling Path

Venture along the perilous, crumbling path suspended over a deadly drop with 14 animated variants. Navigate over acid, lava, water, forests, the sky, the void or through the fog. Every step on this crumbling path...

Gauntlet - obstacle course battle map for TTRPGs. Animated. 0


Test your valor and run the gauntlet—an obstacle course designed to challenge the bravest of souls. Swing past pendulums, dodge spikes, avoid magic, and conquer challenges. Will your party emerge victorious or succumb to the...

Battle map of a magical forge 0


Discover the magical forge, where craftsmanship and magic unite. Four animated options await: standard, fiery, misty and fel. Craft legendary weapons or destroy evil relics within this magical forge with your adventures. Get the map:...

Underdark Mushrooms forming a sort of bridge in the underdark ttrpg battle map 0

Mushroom Crossing

Traverse a perilous mushroom bridge across the Underdark with this animated battle map. Choose from four variants: normal, spider web, lightning, and glowing orbs. Beware the edge, where a misstep could send you plummeting. Get...

The crash - a crashed ship in a destroyed forest battle map 0

The Crash

This battle map showcases a crash site, with four captivating variants: Get the map: Or buy it at any of these locations:

The Sundering phased battle map 0

The Sundering

The Sundering is a 5-phase battle map, where the very land shatters beneath your feet. With four animated phases, chaos reigns as the world transforms. In five rounds, fate is sealed. Conquer the crumbling landscape,...

Battle map of a mine entrance with a mine cart track that zig zags up a cliffside. 0

Mine Entrance

Explore the landscape surrounding the mine, where a meandering cart track ascends the pit’s heights. Unearth the secrets of its treasures, the bounty yet to be unveiled. This battle map, offered in two additional variants—an...

Disaster! A meteor crashes into a village battle map for TTRPGs 0


Experience the aftermath of a catastrophic event in this city map. Devastated by a powerful wizard, a meteor has plummeted into the heart of the urban center, leaving destruction in its wake. Explore the ruins,...

Jungle battle map, a small path beside a waterfall in the jungle 0


Step into the lush and untamed wilderness of the jungle with this captivating battle map. Follow the narrow path that winds its way through the dense foliage, accompanied by the symphony of nature’s chorus. Just...