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Welcome game masters, dungeon masters and story tellers...

Hello 🙂  I am Angela and I create battle maps to help you bring your worlds to life, tell your stories with your friends and create amazing memories of all your adventures.

There are 100s of free maps below, but you can get everything on this site with no logo mark for only €3/month on my patreon and help me do exciting things like pay rent, eat food, and make even more maps!

I also make alternative versions of the map every week and when appropriate animated versions of the maps for Patreon.

Finally I set up all my maps to be ready to play on both Foundry VTT and Fantasy Grounds to save you setup time!  I know nobody likes setting up walls.  

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Latest additions to my shop

All the maps on my web shop are setup and ready to play in Foundry VTT and a nice choice for people who just want one map and don’t want to be a Patron.  Looking for the Fantasy Grounds stuff?  It’s on the Forge.

Here are the latest free map posts

Here are the latest free map posted on my blog.  These maps are free for personal (non-comercial) use.  Click on each post to access the free the downloads!  View or search ALL the free maps here. 

Druid Grove

Once in a blue moon, there’s no harm in giving your party some respite from the constant dangers of adventuring, and what better place to do so than in this luxuriant lunar haven? With its...

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Snake Temple

Ophiophobes, look away, lest ye behold the Temple of the Serpent! Set in the heart of a vibrant jungle teeming with colour and life, this place of worship boasts enviable square footage, generous amounts of...

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Isle of the Foxes

What the fox?! This diminutive islet features a mysterious arrangement of vulpine statues, some better hidden than others under the foliage of palm trees. Are they the key to finding...

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Jungle Pool animated battle map with 6 variants

Jungle Pit

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the dragon sleeps tonight…A final sleep! Or maybe it’s just resting? With six variants of this fully animated map, lead your players to this...

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The Garden

A carefully tended garden can be a place of true beauty, ideal for a meditative stroll and perfect for parties, weather permitting. Nooks and recesses tucked behind high hedges are...

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Spider lair battle map series from Angela Maps

Spider Lair

“Will you walk into my parlour?” Beware such courteous invitations, especially when your host happens to be some mighty arachnid, and the parlour in question a tangle of her sticky...

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A fork in the road battle map for D&D bear an ocean and some mountains

Two Paths

A fork in the road. A junction, a decision point, or the perfect place for an ambush? Though not quite a crossroads, one should be wary of fiendish dealings and...

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Train Ride

All aboard! Perfect for passenger transport and ideal for breathtaking battles atop its carriages, this magical train is certainly the fastest and smoothest way to get to where you’re going,...

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Underwater battle map for table top RPGs such as D&D or Pathfinder


Under the sea! They say it’s better down where it’s wetter, but is it always? Probably not for whoever found themselves stranded in the depths with the tether of their...

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Monk Temple on a Mountain

Explore a serene battle map showcasing a small monk temple nestled in a remote mountain. Within its tranquil confines, monks dedicate themselves to the study of martial arts, meticulously transcribing...

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