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Welcome game masters, dungeon masters and story tellers...

Hello 🙂  I am Angela and I create battle maps to help you bring your worlds to life, tell your stories with your friends and create amazing memories of all your adventures.

There are 100s of free maps below, but you can get everything on this site with no logo mark for only €3/month on my patreon and help me do exciting things like pay rent, eat food, and make even more maps!

I also make alternative versions of the map every week and when appropriate animated versions of the maps for Patreon.

Finally I set up all my maps to be ready to play on both Foundry VTT and Fantasy Grounds to save you setup time!  I know nobody likes setting up walls.  

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Latest additions to my shop

All the maps on my web shop are setup and ready to play in Foundry VTT and a nice choice for people who just want one map and don’t want to be a Patron.  Looking for the Fantasy Grounds stuff?  It’s on the Forge.

Here are the latest free map posts

Here are the latest free map posted on my blog.  These maps are free for personal (non-comercial) use.  Click on each post to access the free the downloads!  View or search ALL the free maps here. 


Deep in the sweltering jungle, lost amidst the tropical foliage, lies a ruined structure. With the heat, humidity, and aggressive flora, who can truly say how long since this structure was abandoned, or what purpose...

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Elven Embassy

Amidst the noise, the smoke, the turmoil of these city streets lies a haven of flourishing flora and architectural elegance. The elven embassy stands as a testament to its people’s love of beauty and their...

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Elven lake battle map pack

Elven Lake

On the shores of this gentle lake, serenaded by the rush of the waterfalls that feed it clear, crystalline water, the elves have lived for eons. Or perhaps this is...

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Temple of the Healing Goddess

Some temples spend lavishly on ceremony and ornaments, while others use tithes to line the pockets of their priests or purchase weapons to arm their holy warriors. Sometimes, however, a...

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Some people don’t like sand. They say it’s coarse, rough, and irritating, and that it gets everywhere. Well, that’s, just, like, their opinion, man. For everyone else, there’s this beautiful,...

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Pirate ship boarding map pack form Angela Maps

Ship Boarding

All hands on deck, we’re being boarded! Avast, me hearties, and prepare for a naval raid on the high seas, in the airs, or even in the star-filled surroundings of...

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Cliff Dwellers battle map set by Angela Maps

Cliff Dwellers

Something has made its grizzly home in this remote box canyon at the end of a narrow gorge, surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs. Locals say it lurks out...

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An idyllic farmhouse, its outbuildings, crops, livestock, and plenty of room to raise happy children by the babbling stream that feeds fresh water to these happy lands. Or perhaps the...

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Prison - free battle map from Angela maps with 4 versions


The slammer. The clink. The big house. Few societies have found ways to avoid imprisoning those who transgress their laws, no matter their reasons or the inequity of those very...

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Verdant Desert Canyon

Spring is upon us, nature is healing, and even the arid places of the world bloom with renewed life. Even in the crags of this rocky canyon, the budding flora...

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