Holiday Sale!

If you’ve been waiting for just the right time to support me on Patreon, that time is now! Now through December 31st you can join my Trailblazer tier for just €2 (normally €3) or my Big Damn Hero tier for just €7.50 (normally €10.) And if you lock in your tier price now, it won’t change after the sale ends! 🙂

Trailblazer €2 (normally €3)

  • Weekly maps (with and without grid)
  • Access to the last two months worth of maps
  • Discord access 
  • 50% off code for

Big Damn Hero €7.50 (normally €10.)

  • Weekly maps (with and without grid)
  • ALL map variants
  • Access to the last two months of maps
  • Any .mp4 video maps
  • Fantasy grounds files
  • Foundry VTT files
  • Discord access 
  • 50% off any purchases on

Make your weekly planning session a little easier. Join my Patreon today, and take advantage of this special price! 🙂

Have a safe and happy holiday season! 🙂

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