The Yawning Portal

The Yawning Portal 3 story battle map in Waterdeep for D&D
The Yawning Portal by Angela Maps. Collage contains art from: Heroes’ Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook & Waterdeep: Dragon Heist © Penguin Random House and Wizards of the Coast

The Yawning Portal is a famous inn and tavern located in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. Adventurers can meet all sorts of colorful characters here. The place is a stone building with a slate roof and several chimneys. Most of the ground floor is taken up by the tavern’s common room, which contains an open well (actually the outer shell of a sunken stone tower) that descends 140 feet to the first level of Undermountain, the sprawling dungeon under Waterdeep. A rope-and-pulley mechanism is used to lower adventurers into the well and hoist them out. (from Forgotten Realms website)

This map is in fact three maps: the first, second and third floor of The Yawning Portal. Having read a few descriptions the first floor seemed like a very cozy place to have a drink and a meal and watch adventurers being lowered into the well. The second floor was a bit quieter but still allowed you to look in on the action, and the third floor had private rooms available, but what fun would it be if you couldn’t still look down on those crazy adventurers!

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