D&D island map with ritual being cast
Island battle maps for D&D - animated and Foundry VTT ready

There is some sort of weird Stonehenge like structure on this island. And in the middle of it, a ritual of sorts. What is being summoned here? Can you stop it in time? Or will you have to fight it. Free version for download below.

I also made alternate versions. One without the structure on it, and another of an ashen island. All 3 are animated as mp4s and I of course made the Foundry VTT and Fantasy Grounds versions.

This map and all the free maps on this website are paid for by my Patrons. Join them in supporting me for only €3. On my Patreon you can access base maps, alternate maps, animated maps, FGU setup maps and FVTT setup maps.  Maps are for non-commercial use only.
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