Alley battle map for D&D encounter

You turn the corner into the alley and you see your contact, bent over, 6 thugs surrounding him. Blood drips from his face. Time to fight! Free below with a small logo.

D&D city streets map & city gate map

There are two bonus maps that come with this map pack. One is of a more zoomed out city streets, in a poorer part of town. The other is a simple city gate.

There is also an mp4 animated version of the alley, and of course everything is setup and ready to play on your favorite VTTs 🙂

This map and all the free maps on this website are paid for by my Patrons. Join them in supporting me for only €3. On my Patreon you can access base maps, alternate maps, animated maps, FGU setup maps and FVTT setup maps.  Maps are for non-commercial use only.
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