Alley battle map for D&D encounter

You turn the corner into the alley and you see your contact, bent over, 6 thugs surrounding him. Blood drips from his face. Time to fight! Free below with a small logo.

D&D city streets map & city gate map

There are two bonus maps that come with this map pack. One is of a more zoomed out city streets, in a poorer part of town. The other is a simple city gate.

There is also an mp4 animated version of the alley, and of course everything is setup and ready to play on your favorite VTTs 🙂

You may use this map for free in any of your online or offline games. Use the download below with or without grid. You may not sell or redistribute any of my maps.

Get this and MANY more maps without the logo on Plans start at €3/month and you get all the maps for personal use. Plus you get to feel good because you helped an artist earn a living. That makes you kinda awesome.