Temple of Sune

Beauty goddess temple map for D&D

Outside Hill’s Edge, in the Trielta Hills, hides a quaint sanctuary to Sune, Goddess of beauty. Here, lies a beautiful Shrine and Spa catering to those who need some pampering or are trying to change their looks to impress a potential client or love interest. In desperate times, healing and restorative magics can be found here (for an appropriate donation).

Built inside a cave, the Finished Finger Shrine and Spa is a cozy surprise, filled with unexpected charm and warmth. The main entrance is hidden by Fey magic and illusion and only those who are welcome ever find it. Ducking under the low entrance to the cave, a rush of humid warmth washes across your face as you approach the end of the low, narrow cavern.

As the Shrine’s main cave opens up, it reveals a gorgeous cavern wreathed in blooming flowers. Birds can be seen flitting about the vines and various flower beds and their song is immediately soothing. Heat and light radiate from the large central fire built in a hollow of a massive black, volcanic stone. Acolytes, known as Tenders, keep a vigilant watch over the fire; feeding it as needed and quickly shoveling up any embers that pop from it’s hearth. What little smoke rises from the large fire rises to the top of the cave 35′ above and vents through an unseen chimney in the rock overhead. Moisture drips down the cavern walls and glistens on the many mirrors until wiped away by dutiful Tenders. These same mirrors are often ornately decorated and their position around the cavern provide a multiplication of the central fire’s light.

Around the cave, a series of beds and chairs are arranged to provide the various services of the salon. Massages, hair cuts, manis and pedis are available to those in need of some grooming and tables of various vials are featured before stairs down to the main shrine. The vials contain perfumes, both mundane and exotic for Sune appreciates those who adorn themselves in beautiful things prior to worshipping her. (Description by my Patron Greg S.)

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