Orc Camp

Orc camp battlemaps, animated for Foundry VTT

This is a peaceful little orc encampment on the bank of a small river. They hunt, raise pigs, and fish in the river to fill their days. Oh, and they don’t like you coming to visit. So you better roll for initiative. You can download it free below with a small logo.

I also created a second watery version of an orc camp, and both maps as animated .mp4s (be sure to enlarge the video on the right before watching.) And of course both maps ready to play in Fantasy Grounds Unity (on DMsGuild) and Foundry VTT (my shop), just install and you’re ready to go with line of sight all setup.

This map and all the free maps on this website are paid for by my Patrons. Join them in supporting me for only €3. On my Patreon you can access base maps, alternate maps, animated maps, FGU setup maps and FVTT setup maps.  Maps are for non-commercial use only.
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