Fishing Village

Floating fishing village battle map encounter for D&D or pathfinder and other TTRPGs

People come from all around to try the fresh fish and seafood from the little fishing village. Some bring big carts to haul to theirs store or restaurants, other just buy a single lobster to take home for dinner. But fishing here is more than a way for the villagers to earn a living, it is a way of life passed down from generation to generation.

Grid is 40 x 40

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Coffman says:

    I used this excellent map for the Shore of Dreams

    However, I did a hilariously bad job stitching it to some other map assets ?to make the rest of the village of Yokotoro.
    I’m also a patron of Dungeon Mapster and he produces “Build Your Own” kits of assets so we can mix and match our own. If you’re ever up for that, I know I’d love to revisit extending this particular map. It’s also great on it’s own though!

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