Wizard Tower

Six floor wizard tower battle map encounter for D&D and pathfinder TTRPGs

When someone visits the wizard they will find a comfortable room to have a meal or sit on the couch and discuss their problems. Sometimes they will ask “What’s behind the door” and the wizard will reply with some variant of “A wizard can not reveal his secrets” but really it’s just a storage room. A kinda messy one at that.

If you go up the stairs you’ll find the wizard’s menagerie. Some living creatures, some dead. He has always loved having fish and is pretty proud of having created that fish pond by himself. As for the dragon skeletons, well he got those second hand, but depending on the company he has a wonderful tale about slaying them and saving a princess.

The second floor is mostly for show. When people visit a wizard they expect lights and summoning circles and things that glow and zap. Some of it has a function, some of it doesn’t. He though this was pretty convincing for giving the non-magical people what they wanted to see. Fancy wizards make more money.

The third floor is where the real work takes place. When he went to train as a wizard he imagined lighting coming from his fingers and setting his enemies on fire. I mean, there is *some* of that, sure, but he spends a whole lot more time in his alchemy lab mixing potions and elixirs for this and that.

The forth floor is the library. Some of these books he’s read, some were from the previous owner. One whole shelf is books with photos of cute cats.

The top floor is where the wizard lives. He does his paperwork, another thing they didn’t tell him about when he agreed to be trained, and even dabbles in the piano. Pretty much nobody sees this level of the tower.

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