Library (destroyed)

Destroyed library battle map encounter for ttrpgs like D&D and pathfinder

This is the same library from my previous post, but something bad has happened. The library has been abandoned for quite some time and fallen into ruins. Some of the windows have broken, some of the shelves and tables have seen better days, but a lot of it stands mostly untouched. Someone is burning books in the the middle, probably less as a statement than as a source of heat.

The keen eye will see that below where there was once shelves there is a trap door. You can use this or ignore it as you like. I don’t have an underneath map right now. I hope to do a cellar/cave type thing later this month so if you need one, keep checking back! But most any underground map could work from here if you choose to use this.

Maybe the trap door is also there in the pristine version of the library and your adventurers need only investigate 🙂

EDIT: My first upload of this had some weird rendering in the upper right with missing objects and showing grass that I didn’t notice, but was pointed out on reddit. This is now fixed.

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