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Opera house battle map for D&D and Pathfinder 0

Opera House

The opera house, the perfect place to take in a show and relax. Or perhaps to be a performer. Maybe a battle that starts for show turns into something more sinister! Darker version and emerald...

Feywild themed theater encounter for D&D or pathfinder with fantasy grounds support 1

Fey Theatre

Welcome to the show at the Fey Theatre. This is an outdoor theatre with a thrust stage and a feywild feel for when your adventurers next need to take a break or… put on a...

Circus or arena battle map encounter for TTRPGs such as D&D or Pathfinder 0


I have never worked from a photo before. I had wanted to make a theatre map next so I was googling fancy old theatres for inspiration. That’s when I came across this photo of an...