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Burial Mound battle map for TTRPGs 0

Burial Mound

Behold the solemn majesty of the burial mound, a hallowed resting place for the departed. The gentle slope is adorned with lush green grass, while sacred ritual stones encircle the burial site. Explore both the...


Ritual Spot

This ritual spot is prefect for any sort of ceremony you might want to preform. Be it a beautiful wedding, or a gruesome sacrifice. Available in six different colors and animated on my Patreon. –

Battlemap of a ritual on a hill for a sacrifice in the evening for D&D or pathfinder 0

Ritual Hill

Looking for the perfect place for your next creepy D&D ritual? Look no further than ritual hill! 🙂 In this (free) incarnation there is a person being sacrificed on the stone. But that is just...

Elven battle map in a water temple 0

Cavern of Life

The perfect spot for any number of rituals, this cavern is bathed in moonlight with water babbling in from the west. It is fragrant with flowers and fresh water and probably (maybe?) not infested with...

Night time church and demonic cemetery battle map encounter for TTRPGs 0

Small Church

You can play this map two ways… a small quaint little country church… Or something more ominous. Maybe both. You decide! Day and night… good and evil. Just trying to keep my mind off the...