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Banquet Hall

This battle map is a colossal banquet hall with four variants: Halloween Wizard School, Creepy Abandoned, King’s Dining Hall, and Ballroom… ready for elegance and celebration, or a festive and frightful adventure. Get the map:...

Curse of Strahd dining room map 0

Vampire’s Dining Hall

You are invited to feast with the vampire in his exquisite dining hall. The table is laden with delicious smelling food. The organ music plays hauntingly in the background. Massive mirrors run from floor to...

Grand ball room battle map encounter for D&D, pathfinder and TTRPGs with fantasy grounds support 0

Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom is opulent. Marble arches, inlaid tiles, beautiful sculptures, a flowing fountain, upper levels, private spaces… almost anything could happen here. And just to really show off their cash, custom carved ice sculptures....