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Thanksgiving Battle map encounter for D&D and pathfinder 0

Happy Thanksgiving

As an American living in Finland, Thanksgiving is one of the things I miss. We’ll still make a giant pot of potatoes and some pumpkin pies but… it’s not the same! So forgive me if...

Great Bazaar battle map encounter at an outdoor market place for D&D or Pathfinder TTRPGs 0

Great Bazaar

You can buy anything and everything at the Great Bazaar, and I do mean ANYTHING. An overwhelming buffet of smells, colors and sounds greats you in the open air bazaar, where you drift from stall...

Harvest festival battle map encounter for TTRPGs like D&D and pathfinder 0

Harvest Festival

The autumn air is crisp and you can smell the fallen leaves, fresh pumpkin pies, and roasting meats. You grab a hot cocoa or maybe a mug of beer and wander around the booths looking...