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Mill battle map - three floors - D&D encounter map 0


A simple mill where farmers can have their grain ground into flour. Three stories tall. Maps are designed to be 10×10 but you could run it at 20×20 if you wanted more space 🙂 I...

Toy Shop for Blinksy or Von Weerg battlemap for D&D curse of strahd 0

Toy Shop

It all started with Pidlwick 2. When my party encountered him shortly after killing Strahd, I instantly loved him. So from that night on I couldn’t get the idea of making a toy shop out...

Curse of Strahd dining room map 0

Vampire’s Dining Hall

You are invited to feast with the vampire in his exquisite dining hall. The table is laden with delicious smelling food. The organ music plays hauntingly in the background. Massive mirrors run from floor to...