Destroyed Manor and Pub

Looking for a spooky setting? This manor and pub has defiantly seen better days. It is abandoned and has fallen into disrepair. Who knows what might be lurking here…. ghosts? bandits? scary creatures? The destroyed version is free for download below.

I also made the fully functional nice version of the manor and pub. Maybe this is a version of the manor in the past before it got abandoned. Or maybe your party decides to fix it up and this is the “after” version. Or maybe you just need a non-destroyed manor for your game 🙂

This map and all the free maps on this website are paid for by my Patrons. Join them in supporting me for only €3. On my Patreon you can access base maps, alternate maps, animated maps, FGU setup maps and FVTT setup maps.  Maps are for non-commercial use only.
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