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This week’s map pack might not be the most exciting, but hopefully it is useful. It’s a selection of maps you can use for random encounters. There is one of the grasslands, one of some dry cracked earth, a forest clearing, and a general winter scene.

Adventurer and above patrons also get a frozen river version of the snowy map, a dried grass version of the grasslands map and a fey version of the forest map, in addition to an animated mp4 version of the snowy map, the fey forest, and rain on the grasslands. Big Damn Heroes get the Foundry VTT and Fantasy Grounds files!

This map and all the free maps on this website are paid for by my Patrons. Join them in supporting me for only €3. On my Patreon you can access base maps, alternate maps, animated maps, FGU setup maps and FVTT setup maps.  Maps are for non-commercial use only.
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