Pyramid dungeon battle map with hidden rooms and crazy things for D&D

This is one crazy pyramid. Defiantly not just some dead rotting corpses in here, this place is alive and happening. And the keen observer will noticed quite a few rooms with no doors, so it’s at the GM’s discretion how a player can possibly find them 🙂

Snow pyramid version is free (all four maps) in the download below with logo. Get it without logo on my Patreon. Adventurer and above also get the sand pyramid version. Big Damn Heroes get the fantasy grounds file with LoS.

Grid is 100 x 100

This is what the LoS looks like:

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Snow Pyramid – outside (1059 downloads )

Snow Pyramid – lower (1048 downloads )

Snow Pyramid – middle (988 downloads )

Snow Pyramid – top (989 downloads )

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