Avernus first of the nine hells battle map for D&D

Avernus, the first of the nine hells. Hot, desolate, sulfurous. Above you a sunless red sky. The ground is scorched, you assume from the fireballs you see falling from the sky in the distance. Nothing by a desolate wasteland with no place to shelter. Nothing good could come of this.

EDIT: I made some new, updated Avernus maps! Check them out here.

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Avernus (1206 downloads)

Avernus (w/grid) (761 downloads)

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  1. June 14, 2021

    […] your players to hell? These maps should do the trick! One of the first maps I ever made was of Avernus and I have been wanting to make some updated maps. There are three maps: one with a lava river, one […]

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