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Hag hut battle map pack by Angela maps 0

Hag Hut

In the heart of the swamp the hag’s hut resides, her sinister deals lurking in the shadows. This map offers variants with and without the inside of the hut. Additionally, discover fey and forest variants,...

Minauros third layer of hell battlemap 0


Minauros as a layer was described as an endless bog of vile pollution, decaying bodies, and rotting marsh, repeatedly drenched by rain, sleet, and hail storms. The soggy, bone-strewn, disease-ridden swampland made movement very difficult...

Swamp battle map for D&D, could be Berez, with fantasy ground support 0


Who lives in this little swamp hut? Is it a witch? Is she friendly or wicked? Maybe its some isolated swamp folk not too happy you wandered in to their little area. Or maybe it’s...