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Lady of pain statue in Sigil city of doors 0

Lady of Pain, Sigil

This is located in Sigil, city of doors. In the center of the courtyard is a Lady of Pain statue in the middle of a fountain. There is no plant life other than the razorvine....

Grand ball room battle map encounter for D&D, pathfinder and TTRPGs with fantasy grounds support 0

Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom is opulent. Marble arches, inlaid tiles, beautiful sculptures, a flowing fountain, upper levels, private spaces… almost anything could happen here. And just to really show off their cash, custom carved ice sculptures....

Great Bazaar battle map encounter at an outdoor market place for D&D or Pathfinder TTRPGs 0

Great Bazaar

You can buy anything and everything at the Great Bazaar, and I do mean ANYTHING. An overwhelming buffet of smells, colors and sounds greats you in the open air bazaar, where you drift from stall...