Fey Theatre

Fey Theatre battle map for TTRPGs like pathfinder and D&D with fantasy grounds support.  Feywild feeling theater.

Welcome to the show at the Fey Theatre. This is an outdoor theatre with a thrust stage and a feywild feel for when your adventurers next need to take a break or… put on a show… and defiantly not fight because the theatre is no place for that and… oh no… roll for initiative!

Day version (with logo) free using the download below!

Find the non-Fey version of the Theatre here!!

Night version is available to my Adventurer and above Patrons. Also made a Fantasy Grounds Unity file for my Big Damn Hero and above patrons. Check it out in the video 🙂

Map is 30 x 40

You may use this map for free in any of your online or offline games. Use the download below with and without grid. You may not sell or redistribute any of my maps.

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