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Rose Thorn Pass

Rose thorn pass secret elven passage through a guard post, battle map for D&D with Fantasy Grounds

The path here isn’t very traveled. Few know this place exists. But to grasp the beauty and magic of what lies beyond you must first pass here. There is a steep cliff wall to one side, and a drop off to water on the other. The pass is protected by magically sharp thorny rose bushes to prevent any climbing. Do you come in peace to talk, or are you trying to pass by force?

Adventurer patrons and above also get the night version of this map. 🙂 Big Damn Heros and above get the Fantasy Grounds .mod file with the grid, line of sight and subtle animation shown in the video.

You may use this map for free in any of your online or offline games. Use the download below with or without grid. You may not sell or redistribute any of my maps.

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Rose Thorn Pass (131 downloads)

Rose Thorn Pass (w/grid) (104 downloads)

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Guard Post Battlemap

Guard post battle map for D&D with line of sight and animation for use in Fantasy Grounds VTT.

Battlemap with six variations to fit all your stories.  Guard post, winter, raining, night, magic tower and ominous statue.  Great for your D&D adventures or other TTRPGs.  With Fantasy Grounds support.

You can’t get into the town without going through the guard post. So whether you’re trying to pass and unwelcome, or it’s your job to keep out the unsavory types, this is where you’ll have your clash.

Map is 40 x 30

I made this map with 6 different variants. Base map, night, snow, rain, magic tower, and ominous statue. Flexible enough fit lots of different types of encounters. Or to visit the same place at different points in time during your campaign.

Anyone can get the base map free with the download below, but if you want all of them (with Fantasy Grounds support as well) then head over to my Patreon.

Have a look at the video to see the line of sight, grid data, and light animation for these maps in Fantasy Grounds.

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Guard Post (176 downloads)

Guard Post (w/grid) (104 downloads)

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