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Snake Temple

Ophiophobes, look away, lest ye behold the Temple of the Serpent! Set in the heart of a vibrant jungle teeming with colour and life, this place of worship boasts enviable square footage, generous amounts of...


Isle of the Foxes

What the fox?! This diminutive islet features a mysterious arrangement of vulpine statues, some better hidden than others under the foliage of palm trees. Are they the key to finding a fabulous treasure, or merely...

Jungle Pool animated battle map with 6 variants 0

Jungle Pit

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the dragon sleeps tonight…A final sleep! Or maybe it’s just resting? With six variants of this fully animated map, lead your players to this water-filled pit in the midst...

A hanging cage suspended above a hellish lava pit battle map 0

Hell Pit

Is you party trapped in this cage? Are you trying for an epic rescue. Who will rise from the lava to stop you? This map has 5 versions. Two different cages, one with no cage,...

Big sink hole battle map for D&D 0

The Pit

I wouldn’t suggest falling in. This mysteriously deep pit could be home to any number of foul creatures. Or maybe it just erupts with a powerful geyser of… who knows! Map is 20 x 20