Broken Crossing animated battlemap

This is the first time I’m giving away a free .mp4 video map 🙂 This map comes in several flavors. For video maps we have lava, water and stars. For still maps we have lava, water, stars, an alternate water with roses, and a slimy toxic water.

Space, lava, water animated battle maps for D&D

The lava map is FREE in both still and video versions with a small logo! Download is below 🙂 My €3/month patrons get this and all the other maps I make with no logo. Adventures and above get all the alternate versions (stars, water, etc, including videos) and the Big Damn Heroes get the Fantasy Grounds and Foundry VTT files 🙂

Grids are 30 x 40

You may use this map for free in any of your online or offline games. Use the download below with or without grid. You may not sell or redistribute any of my maps.

Get this and MANY more maps without the logo on Plans start at €3/month and you get all the maps for personal use. Plus you get to feel good because you helped an artist earn a living. That makes you kinda awesome.

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Broken Crossing Lava (267 downloads)

Broken Crossing Lava (w/grid) (177 downloads)

Broken Crossing Lava .mp4 video (222 downloads)

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