Large cathedral battle map with catacombs for D&D or pathfinder with fantasy grounds support
Catacombs with ossuary battlemap
This level of the catacombs has an ossuary. Countless bodies reduced to skeletons and eventually to morbid art. Also, a secret staircase leading up to the cathedral cemetery!

The Cathedral of the Rose King is very old. They hold services every day, three times a day. The doors are always open, day and night, anyone can enter and pray, light a candle, or just sit in the quite and think. There is a sizable cemetery on the grounds, and it is said a catacombs under the main structure.

If you ask the old bishop, he’ll talk off your ear about the three kings, one queen, one royal horse, seven princes and princesses, countless nobility, high ranking clergy and two royal consorts who are buried here. But who was the Rose King? He’s not entirely sure.

The cathedral map is free to anyone (download below) but my Patrons also get the catacombs! Have a look 🙂

Catacombs Battle Map for D&D
This level of the catacombs features two confirmed kings, one horse ridden in battle by the king buried beside it, and a queen.

And of course I made a couple of spooky variations of these maps, including the cathedral at night, a ritual being cast in the catacombs, and some (totally harmless) green glows 🙂

Cathedral is 60 x 40
Catacombs One is 30 x 20
Catacombs Two is 30 x 40

And finally, like all of my maps, I wired this one up for Fantasy Grounds for my Patrons. Have a look at the video to see how the line of sight works.

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