Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus – FREE Chapter 1 Map Pack


I am currently a participant in two D&D games.  I don’t DM but I do make maps for my DMs when they ask.  One of those games is Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus and we just finished chapter one.

These might be useful if you are running this campaign and there are a couple of more generic maps in here too (a city square, a dark alley) that you may find useful even if you aren’t running this.

There are are 8 maps in total:

  1. Bathouse (14×14)
  2. Dark Alley in Baldur’s Gate (20 x 15)
  3. Dark City Square in Baldur’s Gate (30 x 30)
  4. Dungeon of the Dead Three (66 x 38)
  5. Elfsong Tavern (40 x 60)
  6. The Low Lantern (40 x 30)
  7. Vanthampur Villa (32 x 66)
  8. Under the Villa Sewer/Dungeon (60 x 40)

All the maps are FREE, use them for your games. Do not distribute them elsewhere, please link here to share them 🙂

This map pack isn’t for sale on DMsGuild or my website, it’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, but if you like my mapping style and want access to 100s of maps and new maps every week, check out my Patreon! Plans start at €3/month 🙂