Holiday Map Event

My free map bundle is just 1 from 12 creators (myself included) who have all come together to release this icy cold map bundle giveaway for the winter season of 2022. These include static/animated/FVTT ready with variations including day/night/snowing maps and more. Different styles, different techniques but one goal – to have a great fun this season! Consider supporting us!

Angela Maps Crystal Ice Cave – Frozen river path though a crystal ice cavern. Alternative version is fiery. Both animated and setup for Foundry VTT.

Bearworks Coastal peninsula with lighthouse/tower – A lonely tower sits on the perilous edge of a craggy peninsula. Surrounded by the broken frozen sea, a solitary beacon.

Cthulhu ArchitectAntarctic Military Base – A small Antarctic Military Base/Research station for your investigators to explore the secrets of the peninsula and what lies beneath it…

dransky’s battlemapsIcefall Pass – A dangerous icefall crossing high in the mountain tops during icy winds and blizzard

DreadMapsFrosty Lake Cabin – 40×30 – Day & Night – An isolated cabin by a frozen lake in the frigid remote wilderness. Day & Night variants included!

EledryllFrozen Maiden’s Peak – A blizzard-ridden precarious trail along the cliffside of a frozen peak. The bone chilling winds may not be the only danger out there…

Elyrian DreamsThe Frozen Glade – A quiet, secluded glade on the northern edges of the known world. These old and frigid waters hold secrets best left forgotten… and undisturbed.

LilyRoseWinter village – The glacial city of Kveldsvall is as beautiful as it is ancient. A place of worship and pilgrimage, for both the devout and curious alike.

miks.mapsWhite Dragon’s Lair – A white dragon’s lair on top of a large frozen crater on a mountain, It’s treasure consists of presents, gold and diamonds

MischievousMapsSnowy Campsite – A peaceful snowy campsite in the middle of the woods. The perfect spot to set your tent up in a sheltered nook and make a lovely campfire to roast your sausages over! But wait: what’s that noise?

Silver Compass MapsWinter Wilderness pack – Four wilderness maps in total, including a forest, a frozen lake, a barren tundra, and a flowing river.

UnmercifulMapsStairpocalypse. – Section of an intricate, frosty city. A challenge for your PCs.