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I sometimes do commissions, if I feel like I am suited to the project. I don’t do commissions I do not think would be a good fit, or if I am currently too busy with other projects.

Commissions are currently: PROBABLY NOT

  • Commissions are for personal game use. For commercial use, contact me for a quote
  • I maintain the rights to the final work and can/will post it on my website, Patreon, etc.
  • Commissions come ready to play for Foundry VTT or Fantasy Grounds

Basic charge for a single page normal size map is €150. If a map has multiple floors, layers, states, etc, those are separate maps.

Once you give me details of the project, I will let you know if I think I can do it, and a time estimate for how long it will take to complete (generally at least a week.) I will request a down payment of €50 (paid via PayPal) to get started, with the rest due when the project is finished.

If you want to get started, use the form below to contact me 🙂