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Welcome game masters, dungeon masters and story tellers...

Hello 🙂  I am Angela and I create battle maps to help you bring your worlds to life, tell your stories with your friends and create amazing memories of all your adventures.

There are 100s of free maps below, but you can get everything on this site with no logo mark for only €3/month on my patreon and help me do exciting things like pay rent, eat food, and make even more maps!

I also make alternative versions of the map every week and when appropriate animated versions of the maps for Patreon.

Finally I set up all my maps to be ready to play on both Foundry VTT and Fantasy Grounds to save you setup time!  I know nobody likes setting up walls.  

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Latest additions to my shop

Big Damn Hero patrons get 50% off any map on my web shop.  All the maps on my web shop are setup and ready to play in Foundry VTT and a nice choice for people who just want one map and don’t want to be a Patron.  Looking for the Fantasy Grounds stuff?  It’s on DMsGuild.

Here are the latest free map posts

Here are the latest free map posted on my blog.  These maps are free for personal (non-comercial) use.  Click on each post to access the free the downloads!  View or search ALL the free maps here. 

Emerald Ruins

Deep within the strikingly green emerald island there lies a ruin. Very few know of it’s existence and even fewer have explored the area. Not out of lack of interest, but rather the dangerous monsters...

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Emerald Ruins

Deep within the strikingly green emerald island there lies a ruin. Very few know of it’s existence and even fewer have explored the area. Not out of lack of interest,...

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Giant 80×80 Hell Map

This map is a beast… 80 x 80 (8000 px x 8000 px) for your party to have an epic sized hell battle. Personally we are using this at the...

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Narrow Street

This narrow street is prefect for when you don’t want to give your players a lot of space to work with in a battle. Grid should be 15 x 20...

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This island was formed by this still active volcano. Perfect for a beach vacation, forging a magic sword, or building your bad guy lair. Alternate version is not erupting. Animated,...

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A hanging cage suspended above a hellish lava pit battle map

Hell Pit

Is you party trapped in this cage? Are you trying for an epic rescue. Who will rise from the lava to stop you? This map has 5 versions. Two different...

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Clockwork Planet

The seam of the planet is broken open to revel something unexpected. A clockwork core…. or a glowing mystery? An abyss of darkness or simple lava? Let your players explore,...

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Icy cold crystal cavern battle map for D&D

Crystal Ice Cavern

The cave is icy cold, and filled with ice crystals so reflective it feels like a house of mirrors. Every beam of light seeping in from above reflecting a thousand...

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Hot springs battle map for D&D

Hot Springs

It may be freezing outside, but the water in this hot springs is quite warm. Probably no elementals lurking in it’s depths. And don’t worry, it won’t erupt or scald...

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