Turning a map into a FVTT module

I know my voice sounds terrible in the video, I am sick, sorry! But you should get all the info you need… If you have questions, you know where to find me 🙂

Edit: This doesn’t work anymore for the thumbnail previews of the maps in FVTT, so the steps in bold will fix that!

1.) Navigate to C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\FoundryVTT or wherever your FVTT stores it’s files. If these files are hidden, set your computer to show hidden files. Create a folder for your module. Put all your maps into this folder.

2.) Open up FVTT. Create a new game (any game system) and enter the game

3.) Click on new scene and follow the steps in the video to setup your map

4.) Setup alternative versions of your map like in the video

5.) Create a compendium, scene, and add your maps

6.) Close Foundry and drag the ‘packs’ folder and the ‘assets’ folder from your world’s folder to the folder for your module

7.) Create the module.json and fill with this text: [download example module.json] then edit accordingly.

7.5) Inside the packs folder, open up yourmap.db and do a find & replace for worlds/yourmap to modules/yourmapmod for example I would replace worlds/jungle with modules/angela-maps-jungle

8.) Zip it up

9.) Upload the .zip and the module.json to the location you specified in your module.json

10.) Test your module

My modules are hosted under my website at DreamHost. The small hosting package is ok but you need the $15 SSL. The FTP program I use to connect to my hosting is called FileZilla and it is free.

This is an example of the information I give to my patrons to download a module: [example module pdf]