How do I install an Angela Maps module?

If you use Foundry VTT

How to install an Angela Maps module in Foundry VTT

If you use Foundry VTT:

1.) Open up Foundry VTT and click the Add-on Modules tab

2.) Choose Install Module

3.) Paste the URL in the “Manifest URL” box and hit “Install”

That’s it! 🙂 If it fully installs but stays on installing for a few minutes just restart Foundry, it happens sometimes 🙂

If you use Fantasy Grounds Unity

How to install an Angela Maps module in Fantasy Grounds Unity

If you use Fantasy Grounds Unity:

1.) When you open up Fantasy Grounds Unity, before you load anything else up, click on the folder in the top left corner of your screen.

2.) This will open the place on your computer the Fantasy Grounds file are saved. Drag the .mod file into the folder called “modules”.

3.) Once you load your game, in the bottom right you should be able to choose Library —> Modules and choose the file you just added.