Crystal Ice Cavern

Icy cold crystal cavern battle map for D&D

The cave is icy cold, and filled with ice crystals so reflective it feels like a house of mirrors. Every beam of light seeping in from above reflecting a thousand times until the very air shimmers. Snow drifts down cracks in the cave roof somewhere high above. A river runs through, freezing at the edges. Magic is thick in the air.

This map is just one of 12 free icy cold themed maps brought to you this holiday season by twelve different artists. Check out the rest!

Free icy cold maps from 12 different artists for your holiday D&D games

Angela Maps – Crystal Ice Cave – Frozen river path though a crystal ice cavern. Alternative version is fiery. Both animated and setup for Foundry VTT.

Bearworks – Coastal peninsula with lighthouse/tower – A lonely tower sits on the perilous edge of a craggy peninsula. Surrounded by the broken frozen sea, a solitary beacon.

Cthulhu Architect – Antarctic Military Base – A small Antarctic Military Base/Research station for your investigators to explore the secrets of the peninsula and what lies beneath it…

dransky’s battlemaps – Icefall Pass – A dangerous icefall crossing high in the mountain tops during icy winds and blizzard

DreadMaps – Frosty Lake Cabin – 40×30 – Day & Night – An isolated cabin by a frozen lake in the frigid remote wilderness. Day & Night variants included!

Eledryll – Frozen Maiden’s Peak – A blizzard-ridden precarious trail along the cliffside of a frozen peak. The bone chilling winds may not be the only danger out there…

Elyrian Dreams – The Frozen Glade – A quiet, secluded glade on the northern edges of the known world. These old and frigid waters hold secrets best left forgotten… and undisturbed.

LilyRose – Winter village – The glacial city of Kveldsvall is as beautiful as it is ancient. A place of worship and pilgrimage, for both the devout and curious alike.

miks.maps – White Dragon’s Lair – A white dragon’s lair on top of a large frozen crater on a mountain, It’s treasure consists of presents, gold and diamonds

MischievousMaps – Snowy Campsite – A peaceful snowy campsite in the middle of the woods. The perfect spot to set your tent up in a sheltered nook and make a lovely campfire to roast your sausages over! But wait: what’s that noise?

Silver Compass Maps – Winter Wilderness pack – Four wilderness maps in total, including a forest, a frozen lake, a barren tundra, and a flowing river.

UnmercifulMaps – Stairpocalypse. – Section of an intricate, frosty city. A challenge for your PCs.

Get my map in two versions, both animated, and setup and ready to roll for Foundry VTT using the download button below:

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